Our production capacity allows for the processing of an annual amount of approximately 250 000 tonnes of sunflower seed.

In 2008 a reconstruction process commenced, through which our processing plant is expanding continuously every year. Owing to this investment process still in progress in the year 2015, our production capacity is capable of extracting the oil content of the raw material in the most efficient way.

With the refinery and cleaning technology both renewed in 2014, we are able to produce finished products that meet the highest expectations.

Besides the processing capacity the packaging plant is continuously being developed, and we had increased the capacity of the bottling plant to a daily 500 thousand litres by the year 2015. As a result, we are capable of serving our customers flexibly.

We make full use of as well as sell the secondary products coming from the production process.

Secondary products:

  1. Sunflower hull: More than 90 % of the energy we need for operation is gained by burning the hull, the excess quantity of which we sell.
  2. Meal: As a result of its high nutrition value, the meal that is produced as a secondary product during production is popular with both animal breeders and feed mixing plants. On an experimental line we increase the protein content of the meal to 40 %, we grind it to fine particles and then we granulate it on a palletising machine. Our short term plan includes the construction of a modern meal plant, where we intend to produce granulated meal of higher protein content.
  3. We produce fatty acid from the precipitation that is the side product of the refining process, which acid is a rather important component in animal feed production. A significant proportion of this product is sold in abroad.