Our products

NT Kft.’s product portfolio is the traditional portfolio of a fully integrated (crush-refine-bottle) sunflower seed oil production plant. In this range the company’s flag ship is its flagship brand, Kunsági Éden.

The Eden as a brand name was born nearly a quarter of a century ago, but it really came to life when it was complemented by the adjective “Kunsági” that indicates its origin. At the same time it is also the guaranty for excellent quality: the attributive praises the dedicated and environmentally friendly work of the seed supplying farmers working in the area closely around the production plant.

Kunsági Éden is delivered to the shelves of shops in outstanding quality robust PET bottles, supplied with a label that reflects friendliness and kindness, and with dripping proof cap that bears the three national colours.

Other bottled products of our assortment include Natúr, as well as the private label products we produce for retail chains in packaging of 1, 2, 5 and 10 litre bottles.

We serve our industrial buyers in 25 thousand litre tankers the cleanliness of which is maintained at such a level that is required by food industry standards. These tankers are our moving advertising media: they are travelling proudly with the Kunsági Éden logo on their sides.

We are participants of the markets for the typical side products of sunflower seed production: the sunflower meal we produce is used by several well-known animal feed mixing companies and animal breeders. We make use of the hull partly by providing for our own energy supply, and by selling it to power stations in which way we can contribute to producing “greener” energy.