We are a trusted, reliable and continuous supplier for the retail chains in Hungary and the same applies to those in the neighbouring countries. Our strategic and decisive market is therefore the region of Central Europe and its organised retail network. We fully cover and look after the demands of this market segment both in terms of price and packaging size segmentation.

We regularly take part in competitive biddings, and to a satisfactory extent our participation is successful. We are building our international brand, Kunsági Éden, which is produced in the highest quality from carefully selected sunflower seeds produced by local farmers.

Our second most important segment is the HORECA market – that is catering/institution food supply (HOtel-REstarurant-CAtering). In this segment we are cooperating with companies that provide for the specific needs of this market: just-in-time deliveries, adjusting to the warehousing and logistics circumstances of restaurant owners and catering units.

In the domestic market we are closely cooperating with market leader companies that collect used frying oil. This cooperation underscores our commitment to protect environment.

Our third segment is made up of the industrial users: we deliver to several bottling plants and mayonnaise producers in the CEE region. To serve these partners we often are to meet special logistics and quality control requirements.

The motto we follow in our activities: "customer satisfaction".