NT Kft. strives to utilise its production plant to its full capacity, which means that we have an annual amount of 250 thousand tonnes industrial sunflower seed produced for us.For several years now we have maintained good business and we might say friendly relationship with nearly 1 000 partners, as the reliable source is a vital cornerstone of assuring perfect quality.

In line with a decision made by the management, in order to eliminate parallel activities we have the integration executed by another entity within the corporation.

We have 35 experienced regional representatives to assist our Partners. They are in daily contact with the farmers and serve them both with input materials and professional advice to the full. We guarantee that the planting seeds are of excellent production potential and GMO free, we provide efficient pesticides and the appropriate fertilisers, as well as see to the safe deliveries and storage of the crop

Our company is in contact with nearly 140 warehouses throughout the countryside for our Partners to deliver their crop to and on the selection of which we considered our partners’ needs. Following the delivery the seeds are evaluated in NT Kft.’s laboratory and so we receive a full picture of the batches of seeds.

With the help of its producers and partners NT Kft. can provide for a storage capacity sufficient for 120 thousand tonnes of seeds in a radiation of 150 km around the processing plant.

It is our unique and huge advantage in the market – as compared to other players thereof – that in such a way we can ensure the traceability of the high quality, non-GMO and healthy sunflower seed from planting through harvest to bottling.